The Company is constituted at 11th of August 2008 and registered in Commercial register at 31st of August 2008 with the business name Mayfair Group AD.

The business name of the Company has been changed to “Madara Europe “AD upon a resolution adopted at Extrodinary General Meeting of the Shareholders held on 7th January 2013.

The Company’s scope of activity according to its registration in Commercial register shall include: investment in real estate, including buying and selling of real estate, investment in land, infrastructure, residential and holiday property, acquisition of other companies, intermediary activities, as well as any other activities not prohibited by the law.

In case a license or permission for a particular activity is required, the Company shall undertake the carrying out of the activity after the obtaining of the respective license or permission, unless the law allows the carrying out of such activity prior to that.

The Company’s aim is to become a leading high-end developer of luxury real estates on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast.