The Company shall have the following bodies:

1. General Meeting of Shareholders (the “General Meeting”); and

2. Board of Directors (the “Board”).

General Meeting

(1) The General Meeting shall consist of all shareholders entitled to a vote. The voting right shall be exercised by the persons entered into the register of the “Central Depository” AD as shareholders at least 14 days before the date of the General meeting.

(2) Shareholders may attend the General Meeting either personally, or by a proxy.  The authorization of the proxy shall always be executed in the form and pursuant to the requirements of the applicable legislation.

(3) The members of the Board of Directors shall be free to attend the General Meeting but shall not be entitled to a vote, unless they are shareholders.

(4) The chairman of the Board of Directors shall be a chairman of the General Meeting. In case of absence of the chairman of the Board of Directors, the General Meeting shall be chaired by a person, appointed by the General Meeting.

(5) The General Meeting shall elect a secretary to keep the minutes of the General Meeting, as well as any other documentation in relation to the General Meetings’ holding, and to personally verify the proceedings of the Company’s bodies.