The Company’s share capital amounts to BGN 50 000 divided into 50 000 ordinary dematerialized registered voting shares with a nominal value of BGN 1 Bulgarian lev each. All shares shall form one class of ordinary dematerialized registered voting shares, and each share shall bear rights equal to those borne by any other share.

The shares of Madara Europe AD are freely traded on the unofficial market at the Bulgarian Stock Exchange-Sofia AD. 

BSE code: 6MF

ISIN code: BG1100012092

Any transfer of shares from the share capital of the Company shall be made freely, without restrictions and conditions, between shareholders and third parties and in accordance with the laws in effect. 

The trading with the Company’s shares is possible only through an Investment Intermediary which is a member of BSE-Sofia AD. You can find a list with the Investment Intermediaries, members of BSE-Sofia AD at: 


Shares structure 


Number of shares


Rainbow Group Services Limited

49 998


Radoslav Dimitrov Dimitrov




Shareholders’ rights 

Each share shall entitle its holder to one vote at the General Meeting, to dividends and to liquidation proceeds on termination, in proportion to its nominal value.